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Ono, Yoko / Vautier, Ben / Maciunas, George
[Assholes wallpaper].
[Milano: Flash Art], either 1973 or 1975.

#17310. Offset, black-and-white poster (43 x 56.5 cm.); this copy Fine. Silverman No. 278.

“But that’s not my wallpaper, that was Yoko Ono. My asshole photo was a visible asshole, Yoko’s was just the ass, not the hole. So I would say the posters were not my assholes” (Vautier interview with Jon Hendricks).

While the concept for what’s now-known as Assholes wallpaper has been attributed to both Ben Vautier and George Maciunas, the buttocks themselves issue from stills from Yoko Ono’s Film No. 4 (aka Bottoms). MoMA once gave it a try.

The posters were initially printed in 1973 by Giancarlo Politi’s Flash Art for inclusion in Fluxpack 3, with a second run of prints issued in 1975.


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