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Our latest catalogue features OUTPUT FROM THE REFLECTION PRESS; a Post-Fluxus experiment in activist-printing by Dietrich Albrecht—pseudonymously known as albrecht/d (with ironic allusion to the medieval print-making of Dürer). After being introduced to xerography at a temp office job in the mid-1960s, albrecht committed himself to updating the idea of the press using 20th century printing technologies. Quicker, cheaper, more nimble and potentially more critical: the Reflection Press.

Initially, the intention was to publish 50 numbered issues from this Press, with all but three of these numbers eventually realized (1968-1988), along with a long miscellany of activist job printing and experiments.

The central organ to this output was the flug/fluxBLATTzeitung; literally a “newspaper made-up of flyers / as Flux.” It was this rhythm that defined the Reflection Press: to publish things quickly enough so that they represented reality in its most-recent form. Xerography as a slow kind of mirror.

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